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Hopelessly in love with Brienne of Tarth.

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when I say “lmao” I do not mean “laughing my ass off” I mean “lmao”

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when people ask me if I’m going to the oktoberfest

Another broken vow :(

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in the netherlands we don’t say “i love you”, we say “neuken in de keuken” which roughly translates to “you are the light of my life and i would do anything for you” and i think that’s beautiful

damn you netherlands


Happy 66th birthday to George R.R. Martin (September 20th, 1948).

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all forms of shipping are disgusting and shameful


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whoever let this woman on twitter during the olympics needs to be rewarded

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remember when they used symphony nr. 9 by dvořák for the soundtrack of “barbie as rapunzel” because I do


Composer: Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy (1809 - 1847)

Work: Allegro vivace from Symphony No. 4 “Italian” (1833)

Performer: Wiener Philharmoniker; conducted by Christoph von Dohnányi

jaime/brienne ; why???





One, this is my opinion. I will not be dealing with any passive aggression that i know will come of this post. If you intend to speak to me about this, tag me in something, hell even come to my ask. But if you passively aggressively post about this, and belittle my opinion, i will rip you to shreds with my bare teeth(✿O‿O)

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Riiiight. I stopped at “it’s not ok to romanticise abuse”. Coming from someone shipping a pair involved in:

- incest

- emotional abuse (from both sides)

- physical abuse 

- manipulation

… I mean, am I meant to take you seriously or are you just having a laugh? Because I can’t quite tell.

Basically, this. Not to mention, those quotes at the beginning refer to a time in the story where Jaime and Brienne were enemies and he was her prisoner. I’d… say it’s a given he wouldn’t want to stay with her and cuddle?

And he did call her “my lady”… until she started calling him kingslayer, that is. The disrespect was mutual, rooted in prejudice and, again, in the umbalance of their relationship (not to insist on the point, but you do recall Jaime was in chains?). They both grew out of it during their journey, which, as you pointed out as well, made them friends (Oathkeeper and all that).

And I get wanting them as “just friends”, it’s an opinion that I can respect (I myself enjoy them no matter what turn their relationship will take), only don’t diss and belittle (see where I’m going?) other people for having other preferences.

Not EVERY male-female relationship has to be romantic - but grrm has coded this one with romantic undertones. We’ll see if they come to fruition or if it will just stay a (beautiful) platonic bond, but the undertones are there and you choosing to ignore them wont make them go away. Just as the bond between Jaime and Cersei is there. I don’t romanticize it, I think it’s not healthy for so many reasons, and I think it’s more made of hartred and disillusionment than of love as of now, but I see it’s there and it won’t disappear overnight.

You can totally not dig the relationship. That’s up to you. But if you don’t want people to respond to you in an irritated way I may suggest leaving them alone with their preferences.

And come on, you speak of wanting JB to remain friends when you have called them abusive just a few lines above? Because abuse is okay in friendship right? At least stick to one version of your attack on other shippers.

"Not to mention, those quotes at the beginning refer to a time in the story where Jaime and Brienne were enemies and he was her prisoner." Oh you mean at the beginning of the relationship? Let me tell you a thing here, friend. If a relationship is abusive at the get go, regardless of the circumstance, its still inappropriate. Abuse is not leveled by its extremity, nor what time & place it occurs. No matter what its still going to be abuse. To excuse that by saying, "But she was his guard & he her prisoner!!!! Of course he doesn’t like her then!!!!!" is really nasty & frankly, is why people dislike your shippers so much.

The only thing is? I’m not dissing it. Nor am i dissing people who ship it. Well, at least i wasn’t, not until i got that hefty little greyfaced hate mail today. Which might i say, was fantastically worded with the “angst ridden suburban cheerleader” sentence. But its funny, because if you actually read the text at hand, you’d know well enough that Jaime & Cersei’s relationship wasn’t built off abuse. Is it abusive now? Yes, entirely, but unlike your “preference” mine wasn’t built off abuse. Jaime & Cersei may be inappropriate & its sick & twisted, but Jaime never thought at the very beginning that he wanted to strangle her. Now with that said, i will admit he does think a lot about killing her after ASOS, but their relationship, as fucked as it may be, wasn’t built solely off of abuse & hatred. You can claim his feelings changed, but wanting a man ( especially show!Jaime who RAPES his sister ) to be with Brienne is a cruel fate in my opinion.

& i admit, i don’t dig the relationship at all. It actually grosses me out & i’d rather they’d never met nor had any interaction at all, but alas i am not GRMM & i cannot change the fate of my beloved little lion. But, i won’t sit, as a victim of abuse, & have my character ( who i admit to being completely unhealthily in love with his twin & also rather violent ) with some woman he’s just met & comes to be friends with. But if you had read my post at all, i have a bitter taste of them even being friends after what he does to her. I think it’s a pretty sick thing to even let her be his friend, no matter how Jaime changes. But you & your friends can claim me to be this horrible awful person, but the text that i’ve read clearly states that Jaime won’t be loving anyone after what Cersei did to him.

Why are you still reblogging this? Why do you even care?

but let me tell you something: the majority of the jb fandom is nice,kind,absolutely amazing and DOESN’T SEND ANON HATE.

You have no right to bitch at us for not reading the books carefully. You have your opinion.Fine.I don’t care because obviously you don’t spend much time thinking about Jaime and Brienne.But we do.I’m actually sorry that you just don’t see how beautiful their relationship is, that you can’t see that their bond is unique and based on mutual respect,friendship and love.Please stop calling it abusive,it makes me sick. 

The Jb fandom is so fucking great,really. Some people like Cersei,some don’t.But EVERYONE acknowledges that Jaime loves Cersei. And nobody here deserves this bullshit. 

“Brienne’s story is an adaptation of a traditionally male narrative, one that usually sidelines or victimises female characters. She swears fealty to a woman, as male knights swear to their liege lord, because she respects that woman’s strength, her bravery and her kindness. She goes on a quest to save the beautiful maiden, but not to marry her or benefit from the quest in any way, but to return her to her mother. Because she cares for Catelyn, and because it is the right thing to do. It is a story of a woman, rescuing a woman, for the sake of another woman. It is a rare story where the mother, the young girl and the shieldmaiden are all given equal weight and worth. Brienne, despite taking on many stereotypically male traits, is not “one of the boys” or in any way dismissive of her gender as a group. She does not fit into the role that society has assigned for her, but she does not disparage those who do. She uses her strength and her skill to respect and help other women in ways that most men in Westeros would never even think to attempt, because she understands, more than any other knight, that women are truly worth something as individuals.”

—   “There Are No True Knights: Brienne of Tarth” @ Feminist Fiction  (via amstibovvered)

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Herbert von Karajan: Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra - Grieg: Peer Gynt Suite #1, Op. 46 - 4. In The Hall Of The Mountain King


Edvard Grieg, Peer Gynt Suite #1, Op. 46  In The Hall Of The Mountain King, 1875. Conducted by Herbert von Karajan.

A short piece, but iconic. Devilishly good.

The Daily Beast:

Where do you see Jaime and Cersei headed?


Well, as for the books, I have two more to write. I’m certainly going to be dealing with Jaime. Jaime and Cersei’s relationship is in a very different place in the books than the show has reached now. They are effectively estranged now. Jaime is very angry with Cersei over the stuff that Tyrion told him—that she’s been sleeping with Lancel and the Kettleblacks and Moon Boy. And the Kettleblacks and Moon Boy don’t even exist in the series.



i dont know if i want to be buried or cremated if i die

“if i die”

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